Project Number of materials Download data Description
Database of A2BCX4 materials 1368 a2bcx4.db a2bcx4
Database of ABS3 materials 4079 abs3.db abs3
Ternary Selenides ABSe3 5976 abse3.db abse3
Absorption spectra of perovskites 79 absorption_perovskites.db absorption_perovskites
Database of ABX2 materials 123 abx2.db abx2
Chemisorption of gas atoms on 1D transition-metal halides 72 ads1d.db ads1d
Adsorption energy database 200 adsorption.db adsorption
AgAu309 310 agau309.db agau309
Computational 1D materials database 3157 c1db.db c1db
Perovskite water-splitting 19369 cubic_perovskites.db cubic_perovskites
Porphyrin based dyes 12096 dssc.db dssc
Functional Perovskites 94 funct_perovskites.db funct_perovskites
Impurities in 2D Materials Database 17364 imp2d.db imp2d
Low symmetry perovskites 1984 low_symmetry_perovskites.db low_symmetry_perovskites
Definition of a scoring parameter to identify low-dimensional materials components 167767 lowdim.db lowdim
New Light Harvesting Materials 2398 mp_gllbsc.db mp_gllbsc
One, two and three component references from OQMD 9590 oqmd123.db oqmd123
Organometal Halide Perovskites 240 organometal.db organometal
Screening for PV and PEC materials using the OQMD database 7240 pv_pec_oqmd.db pv_pec_oqmd
Organic Donor-Acceptor molecules 5366 solar.db solar
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